How a salesman should deal with women customers ?


Women are one of the difficult types of customer. They are regarded as home ministers of the family, and most of the purchases are made by them. The latest statistics reveal that it is women who control 75% of the family purchases.

They are generally interested in the latest fashion, design, style, color, etc. Women are more talkative than men, and they take much time of salesman. They are fashion-conscious, price-conscious and more demanding to customers.

Women are sensitive and nervous and the salesman should be more careful while dealing with them. They always suspect about the quality of the products. They and not easily believe the words of the salesman.


The salesman must be very much conscious and careful while he deals with women customers. He should not explain the technical details of the product to women customers. However they (customers) should be allowed to smell, look, fondles, lift and feel the product. He must greet them respectfully. In this regard Prof. Davar bas rightly suggested that women customers must be treated like queens by the salesman. The products should be presented in a very beautiful manner near the women customers. The customers should be given opportunity to avail free gifts, prizes and discounts, etc. attached to a product. As the women customers take long time to take their decisions, therefore salesman must not hurry them to come to a decision. The salesman should show them articles without being disgusted. He must treat them smilingly, agree with their comments and explain to them the talking points which satisfy their buying motives.

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