How a salesman should deal with elderly customers ?


Elderly customers generally are experienced in buying goods and they do not like to be advised by others. They feel if they are called ‘old. It is better to address them as ‘elderly’. They are serious and very careful in money matters. They desire that others should respect them and consult them to take advantage of their knowledge, wisdom and experience. Some of the elderly customers develop physical defects like hard of hearing, unable to talk clearly, difficulty in standing, lower eyesight, etc. due to old age.

These types of customers are not easily satisfied. It takes a long time to materialize a sale. Therefore, the salesman should appreciate their wisdom and experience. He should give much respect to them and may seek their advice only to satisfy their ego. If time permits, the salesman should stretch his sales talk by explaining every details of the product to be sold. The salesman should not insult them at any cost or mock at their peculiar mannerisms.


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