What are the important functions of Orissa Industrial Infrastructure Development Corporation?


Infrastructure always play a very vital role in the development of the entrepreneurship. A small business with a better infrastructural support can reach to the top giving the best return to the entrepreneur.

To provide that infrastructural support, the birth of Orissa Industrial Infrastructure Development Corporation (IDCO) took place in the year 1981. IDCO has come up to this stage with the specific objective of creating infrastructure facilities in the identified industrial estates or areas. The objective was for rapid and orderly establishment and growth of industries, trade and commerce. It has been declared as the Nodal Agency for providing infrastructure to industries in the state of Orissa. The infrastructure includes essential facilities such as roads, drains, power, water, street light amenities and social infrastructure such as banking, post office, telecommunication facilities, shopping complex etc.

The corporation is playing a pivotal role at present in the era of liberalisation, privatisation and globalisation for development of infrastructure projects in the state. The various services provided by IDCO are given below-


i. Allotment of developed plots and build-up sheds to entrepreneurs on long term leasehold basis.

ii. Allotment of commercial shops.

iii. Creation, improvement and maintenance of infrastructural facilities.

Functions of Orissa Industrial Infrastructure Development Corporation

IDCO performs the following functions:


(i) It has been declared as the Nodal Agency for providing industrial infrastructure in the state of Orissa.

(ii) It provides infrastructural facilities for the establishment of Industrial Areas, Industrial Estates, Functional Industrial Estates, Growth Centres etc. at different strategic locations.

(iii) IDCO acts as the nodal agency of government for providing land to large projects which cannot come up in the Industrial Estates and areas.

(iv) IDCO also takes up planning and execution of construction projects of government departments on agency and contract basis with the help of its diverse technical manpower.


(v) It provides expertise services in the field of consultancy, design execution of civil, electrical, water supply and public health engineering works.

(vi) IDCO plays a pivotal role in bringing in private capital for development of infrastructure projects in the state of Orissa.

So, there is no doubt about the fact that, IDCO is involved in the entrepreneurship development in the state of Orissa directly or indirectly for which it has been awarded ISO- 9001 certification by RWTUV CERT, Germany during June’ 97 and ISO-14001 certification for adhering to environmental protection and resource conservation in all its activities.

In a labour-abundant country like India where there is lot of frustration among the educated unemployed, the government and the developmental institutions has an important role to provide opportunities for self-employment and entrepreneurship development. This kind of promotional role suggests that the government and the support institutions provides basic infrastructural facilities such as land, finance, power, water transport, training and marketing facilities. Such provisions may attract a prospective entrepreneurs who might not have taken the risk of floating as industrial enterprise otherwise. In other words, it is assumed that entrepreneurship is not automatic, but induced and it is the support institutions with a pat from government has to induce entrepreneurial development.


The help and support provided by the support institutions to the entrepreneurs are region-wise, sector-wise, activity-wise, industry-wise and some times individual entrepreneur- wise. The ultimate aim of these support measures is to promote industrialisation and consolidate its gain from the standpoint of the society. In a broad sense, we may find this that the government with its support institutions is engaged in the task of all found socio-economic development. After all, the government has to promote simultaneous achievement of multiple objectives : Economic growth, social justice and political stability.

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