What is the difference between Transpiration and Guttation?


Guttation is caused due to a positive hydrostatic pressure (root pressure) which develops in the xylem ducts of the root.


(i) It occurs through stomata, cuticle and lenticels.


(ii) Water is lost in the form of water vapour.

(iii) It occurs only in day time.

(iv) The stomata of leaves usually remain open during day and get closed at night.

(v) Water is pure and contains no salt.


(vi) Major loss of water takes place through stomata.

(vii) It takes place in all higher terrestrial plants.

(viii) Transpiration maintains the temperature of the plant, (ix) Root pressure is not involved.



(i) It ‘occurs through hydathodes in the leaves.

(ii) It is exuded in the form of liquid.

(iii) It takes place cither in the morning or during the night.

(iv) The hydathode remains open whole day and night.


(v) Oozed out water is not pure and contains inorganic and organic substances.

(vi) It occurs through hydathodes.

(vii) It takes place mostly in herbaceous plants.

(viii) It has no relation with the temperature.


(ix) It takes place due to development of root pressure.

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