Children: New Decision-Makers in the Family


Gone are the days when there were joint families in the society. There were many couples in the family who lived with their children under a roof and they followed the instructions and decisions given by the head of the family. Whatever decision was to be taken was taken by him whether it was related to education, work, migration or marriage.

Now, the system is totally changed. There are not joint families. Only one couple lives under a roof with their children. There is no control of grandparents or the heads on decision making. You will be surprised to know that the major and crucial decisions are taken by children mainly. Their advice or choices are thought to be very important now-a-days. Mainly 10 to 20 years age group children have an integral role in the process of decision making.

Some examples can be given here regarding the major walks and decisions in a family. Not only at the initial stage but even amid / during their study they are facilitated the schools of their choice irrespective of their fees and other outlays. They are given all amenities.


Secondly, furniture of the house is purchased in the house only of their choice. This has become a trend that any purchasing is done in the family after discussion with them. If the parents have to migrate somewhere, their opinion is considered very important and inevitable.

Even, food items or other items are bought after and for their choice. That is why that manufacturing companies are focusing on the production to be used by children to maximize their profits.

Now the question arises how logical is it to give them the authority of decision making or appreciating them. Dear listeners, of course, the child of today is the father of tomorrow. They are the future of country and society. They are supposed to take the place of their parents. They are supposed to carry all the responsibilities which their parents are performing now.

Time is changing and only the children are familiar with those changes. Surely, change is the eternal truth and we should keep pace with the rapid changes which take place in the world. They should be appreciated to be self-reliant and independent to think broadly. They should be let develop their decision making power.


Obviously, the above mentioned arguments affirm that children should be authorized to intervene in family matters and take decisions, BUT, excess of everything is very bad. We should not forget that parents or other elders have greater experience and better understanding. They might persuade or seek the opinion of their children but should not depend on them completely. They should not be taken as the sole authority in important matters.

Conclusively, children are an integrated part of a family. While taking decisions regarding their education, dress or excursions etc. their choice may be asked but parents should not depend on them in case of major family matters. In this way, we can maintain a harmony in the family.

By Rajender Sharma


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