7 Most Innovative Ways to Deal with the Negative People in Your Life


The hardest thing to do is stay positive when every single person around you is giving you negative vibes or saying negative things.

It not only acts as a huge challenge but it also brings you down and acts as a barrier towards all the positive things you wish to do. But fear not, there are some very easy methods to deal with this problem.

Innovative Ways

1. Refrain from Arguing:

The more you argue the more the negative person will get fuelled. This fuel will only add to his belief of the negative views making it whole lot more difficult for you. Most of the time the best solution is to keeping yourself sane is to just ignore the negative comment, because the person giving them will sooner or later tire.

2. Give Affection to the Person Exhibiting Negative Factors:

More often, a person will give of these negative vibes because they just want some attention and they may be afraid that they are not loved. Rise above the aggravation you feel and just show the person you are there and always will be. Try and make them understand that you know just how they feel and that it is completely normal.

3. Put Focus on the Positive Aspects of Every Situation:

Ever heard of the phrase “every cloud has a silver lining”? Well, there is a reason it exists, every situation no matter how bad it seems will always have appositive aspect. Find these aspects in the situation the person is feeling negative about and highlight it to them.

4. Try and Get the Person to Explain their Negative Feelings:

If you get a comment from a person like “doctors do not know anything” it means the person is showing distorted thinking. Ask them why they are thinking what they are thinking and try to show them that they are just using generalizations and that it really is not the case.

5. Use Reverse Psychology:

Try agreeing with everything the person has to say. To do this you will have to detach your emotions with the situation completely.

Because you are agreeing with the person they will become calm and feel a lot better because they will think that someone understands them, thus removing the negativity and putting a simile on their face.

6. Avoid Negative People As Much As Possible:

Some people like your parents and children are permanent in your life, others you can get rid of. If you find that there are a certain group of people or maybe just one person in particular that pulls your mood and attitude down at every given chance, cut them out of your life completely and give them no way to return. You will soon find yourself a lot more chipper!

7. Keep an Eye on the Negative Thoughts That You Are Having Personally:

Other people do affect our thinking a lot but the main person that can cause you to feel negative is you and you alone. Monitor your own thoughts and you will spend a great amount of time smiling.

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