What are The Advantages of Sexual Reproduction?


The sexual reproduction has many advantages over asexual reproduction. In asexual reproduction, t offsprings are almost identical to their parent because they have the same genes as their parent. So, mud genetic variation is not possible in asexual reproduction. This is a disadvantage of asexual reproduction because it inhibits the further evolution of the organism.

In sexual reproduction the offsprings, although similar to their parents, are not identical to them or to one another. This is because the offsprings receive some genes from the mother and some from the father. Because of the mixing of genes of mother and father in various different combinations, all the offsprings have genetic variations.

In this way, sexual reproduction leads to a greater variety in population. This means that a species (animal or plant) can adapt more quickly to changes in its surroundings (or environment). This is because there are always likely to be some individuals who are more suited to the changes than others, and these individuals will survive and reproduce themselves.


From the above discussion we conclude that sexual reproduction promotes diversity of characters in the offsprings by providing genetic variation. Sexual reproduction plays an important role in the origin of new species having different characteristics. This genetic variation leads to the continuous evolution of various species to form better and still better organisms. All this is not possible in the case of asexual reproduction.

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