How does adaptation occur in Desert animals?


Desert animals are adapted in such a way that they can withstand heat and water scarcity.

1. Desert rats and snakes dig holes and burrows in the sand and live inside them during daytime. At nigh when the surroundings get cooler, they come out in search of food, and are, therefore, nocturnal in habit.

2. Since the animals have to live in excessive heat, they develop a protective covering on the body to prevent water loss by evaporation. A desert lizard, Moloch, can absorb water through its hygroscopic skin.


3. They have specialized systems for defense. Spiders, scorpions, snakes have poison glands and stings.

4. Some desert animals manage to live on the water produced by their own metabolism (respiration).

5. Some desert animals have water-sacs in their stomach walls, as in camel.

The camel (a xerocole) is an excellent example of adaptation to desert life. Camels are used for transportation in deserts and are known as ships of the desert.

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