What is the difference between Venus Flytrap and Bladderwort?


Venus Flytrap:

1. An insectivorous herb grows on damp places.

2. The midrib of the leaf acts as a hinge between two lobes of lamina.


3. Upper surface of leaf is provided with pointed trigger hairs and digestive glands.

4. When insect sits on leaf, the sensitive hairs bring about sudden closure of the leaf and the trapped insect is digested.

Example: Dioanaea.



1. An insectivorous hydrophyte.

2. Few segments of the dissected leaf modify into sac-like bladders.

3. Each bladder is provided with a trapdoor entrance which functions as a valve (i.e. open inwardly). Digestive glands present on inner surface.

4. Water insects when enter, they can not come out as the valve shuts itself and get digested inside.


Example: Utricularia.

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