Short Biography of legendary football player – Paul Ancheri


Paul Ancheri is a famous football player of India. His capabilities as a striker, defender and playmaker have earned him respect from his peers and coaches alike.

He was born on May 29, 1973 at Trissur in Kerala. It had been a tough ride to the top for him. He was identified by a local coach, loseph Raice, soon after having passed out from school.

Nevertheless, it took five years for Ancheri to get his initial break which finally came in the shape of his selection to the Indian under-19 team in 1992 and later to the Indian under-21 team for the Rajiv Gandhi International Tournament.


His Santosh Trophy debut followed at Cuttack in 1994 and then he was selected to represent the country in the Independence Cup Tournament in Doha. In Doha, he emerged as the ‘Best Player of the Tournament1. Later, he joined Mohun Bagan. He was given the A.I.F.F. ‘Player of the Year’ award. Ancheri played prominent role in India’s triumph at the S.A.F. tournament in Kathmandu. He represented India in the Bangkok Asian Games.

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