Short Biography of Kabir


Nothing definite is known about Kabir’s birth or his parents. His date of birth is not certain but it is generally believed to be 1398. According to one legend he was born to a Hindu Brahmin widow who abandoned the child to hide her shame.

He was picked up by Niru, a Muslim weaver who did not have a child. Even as a child, Kabir showed his leanings towards Hindu philosophy. It is said that Ramanand, who lived towards the close of the 14th century was a great Vaishnava saint.

He was approached by Kabir for being accepted as his disciple, but refused. Ramanand used to go to the Ganges for his early bath. One day Kabir stretched himself on one of the steps on the way.


Since it was misty, Ramanand could not see Kabir and his foot knocked against Kabir’s body.

Kabir stood up and prostated before the Master and declared that with the touch of the Master’s divine feet; he had already been initiated and accepted as a disciple. Ramanand was moved by this devotion and accepted Kabir.

Kabir decried all narrow parochialism. His remarks were often blunt and biting. He was against idol-worship, casteism, untouchability and the other ill customs “of the Hindus.

He even criticized the hypocritical practices of the Muslims. His compositions have been called Ramainis.

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