What is the Price of Mahindra Duro DZ scooter in India?


The latest price of Mahindra Duro DZ scooter in India is Rs 44, 640/-

Mahindra Duro DZ is a tough scooter that takes on the toughest road

The Mahindra Duro DZ is a tough, powerful, fuel efficient 125 cc scooter, designed particularly for the tough Indian roads.


The new Mahindra Duro DZ provides a inimitable amalgamation of greater power, superior telescopic suspension and a variety of other important stability and security features.Its amazing choice of better features, and a very attractive price, makes it an instant hit. It is designed to be the ideal scooter for your family on rough Indian roads.

It has a powerful 125 cc engine which gives better instant pick-up and multi-terrain acceleration which makes it easier to carry loads, even on vertical inclines and in rough road.

Dual Curve Digital ignition system provides you with a mileage better than other 125 cc scooters

Advanced Telescopic Suspension makes sure that you have a smooth ride on the rough ground.


Its better quality ground clearance gives it maneuverability over speed breakers and coarse roads with no difficulty and comfort.

Its long wheelbase and superior braking system offers better security & firmness on the road.

A broad halogen lamp provides wider array and intense visibility.

It has rear Brake lock lever for safety & parking on inclines.

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