What is the influence of the Vindhyas on the history of in and her people?


A broad belt of mountains that run separating the northern central India is known as the Vindhyas.

(1) Steep mountains wit number of flat-topped peaks, the Vindhyas, played an important r to mould the life and activities of the Maratha people.

(2) Like the mountaineers the Marathas are hardy and independent.


(3) Those days or primitive communication the northern invaders found it difficult to cross the Vindhyas.

This is one of the reasons v the Dravidian people could develop independent culture and maintain political independence.

(4) Despite barrier of the Vindhyas the Eastern and Western Ghats attracted settlers and traders. 1 resulted in flourishing foreign trade of south India.

(5) Of course the Vindhyas did not constitute an insurmountable barrier. There had been enough interaction between the northern and southern part that helped to develop a composite culture in India.

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