What is the Importance of Medical Inspection?


(a) It helps us know the state of health of children in our school.

(b) It indicates the mental and physical conditions of the students and arranges for their education accordingly, if a student is suffering from short sight he needs a place in the front row. This can be done if the teacher knows about the physical defect of the student.

(c) Through medical inspection it is possible to keep the student healthy. This will add to attendance in the classroom and the school. If the students are healthy, they shall be regular in their studies.


(d) Through medical inspection it is possible to know about the epidemic and other contagious and infectious diseases. An attempt may be made to check and prevent the spread of such diseases.

(e) Through medical inspection it is possible to know the capacity of the students. New trends and experiments in the field of education can be successfully applied after having knowledge of the mental and physical capacity of the students.

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