What are the Challenges faced by modern Offices?


The importance of the office has enhanced in our country due to industrialization, increased economic activities etc. The office in our country faces challenges of different kinds social, political, economical etc. Some of the challenges are stated below:

1. Mechanization:

In the modern day, the office activity is becoming more and more mechanized; say for example, sophisticated machines, like computers. The challenge before the management lies is installing these machines with the co-operation of the employees and their maintenance and proper use.


2. Growth:

Owners (share-holders) are no longer in direct control of the business of a company form of business a organization. The top management aims the business to grow even when expansion is not accompanied by adequate profits. However, growth is accompanied by adequate return to the share-holders of the company.

3. Statutes:

Various laws concerning the management are being changed frequently to achieve the social and economic objectives. It is essential for the office of an organization to gear itself to face such changes. The problem lies on the office in running the enterprise without evading the various laws.


4. Recruitment of staff:

By the introduction of sophisticated machines, it is an important problem to attract better entrants and train them properly. There must be a provision of proper incentive system and promotional opportunities.

5. Reduction of paper work:

The office should distinguish between essential and non­essential records. Some records may be essential. Such records may be retained and other non-essential records should be destroyed.

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