Theo Haimann explains the 7 uses of grapevine as follows


Theo Haimann explains the uses of grapevine as follows:-

1. It serves “as a safety valve for the emotions of the subordinates as they can freely air their attitudes and thoughts without the danger of being held accountable.

2. The grapevine often carriers a good amount of useful information in addition to distortions, rumours, and half – truths. If properly utilised it helps clarify and disseminate formal communication.


3. It often spreads information which could not be disseminated through the official channels of communication.

4. The most beneficial of which is its use as a safety value for emotions. It is unrealistic to expect that rumors can be stamped out, and the grapevine is bound to exist in every organisation.

5. The grapevine fulfills the subordinates’ need and desire to be ‘in the know’ and to be kept posted on the latest information.

6. It gives the members of the organisation an outlet for their imagination and an opportunity to relieve their apprehensions in the form of rumors.


7. At the, same time it offers the superior insight into what the subordinates thinks and feel. An efficient manager will acknowledge the grapevine’s presence and will put it to good use.

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