The Whisperer



It was a  time when sun starts veiling its shimmering face away from the world. When the earth envisages the upcoming dark which would enshroud the world with its dread and horror. When the creatures that follow the laws of nature lose their vision. When imaginations supersede all the truths.

Sun draws back its grace away and the darkness follows, which summons certain intangible, inconceivable forces on earth. Certain things which most of the human eyes don’t see but feel their presence around them. A night when all living creatures prefer to go back to their hideouts.


Things which are known in the form of stories, contemplated as myth or an occult. It’s the darkness which makes a human heart tremble out of fear; a fear of an unknown perceptions.

It’s a fear which takes root and starts creeping in to every vein of human being when he takes birth in this strange world. It is a world where; most of the events happen unexpectedly without the prior knowledge of it. He is consigned with certain innate emotions, fear being one of them.

Such a dreadful gloomy night hovered over the town. A night which over-shades the vision to see and differentiate between real and surreal; tangible and intangible. Tall trees in the backyard had left dark silhouette on the ground; against the full moon on the open sky. Stars had their eyes wide open; curious to know something unexpected about to happen that night. Birds en-captivated themselves in their nests and furrows, made low intense chirps.

A hazy light from the kerosene lamp was visible through small windows of the neighbouring huts. Noise of people snoring; embedded in their deep sleep had filled the atmosphere. Dogs on the street yelled unusually loud as if they wanted to warn of something called a bad omen. Cool breeze flowing across the trees and bamboo bushes blew an awful whistle.


It was the time for fishermen to return to their homes. Group of men with their load on the shoulders entered the neighbouring huts. An elderly fisherman in his sixties came out of his hut to attain the nature call few yards away from his backyard. He tried to find a place between the bamboo bushes with a torch he had in his hand. There was a stream of water flowing nearby. His ears were alarmed when he heard a noise at the other side of the bushes. He stood up; kept his eyes wide open and strolled around; trying to see through torch.

His foot trembled; torch fell out of his hand when he saw a very young boy prowling between the bushes. For a while his brain went numb, body froze out of anxiety, lips shivered. He controlled emotions, recollected his courage; picked the torch back and went to boy and grabbed his shoulder.

Who are you son? What are you doing here in the bushes in the dark? Where have you come from? He asked with a sympathetic voice.




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