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If we talk about engineers then we can only say that an engineer is the one who brings out things in a simplified manner. But the question arises is who are these engineers?

These engineers are the one who really are interested in doing such things since their childhood.


I believe that the real engineer is the one who discovered something or invented something in his real life. But the matter of concern is the people with designation of engineer are not capable enough to do any sort of job in the field of engineering and who are there people who let them practice engineering skills without having any interest in this field.

If they really care about this thing then why trainings are carried out by companies to have a sense on their engineering projects because about 80% of the engineers are fake and engineering thing doesn’t mean anything to them except the sake of job orientation.

This same job provided by the multinationals can be done by any other student including the arts, commerce students by simply providing the same training to those people then where is the difference between the engineer and these people.

I am really scared regarding the future of this field and I really don’t want to interrupt since the time I was not in this field .I also is one of the survivors of this who scenario and I really mean it.


What makes a student to jump to engineering colleges and these are few factors that lead them to engineering colleges: first of all is the parental pressure especially in the middle class families they don’t even ask the children what his own intensions really are?? Instead they forced the child to go for engineering sort of profession where the state of mind should be really focused on the engineering concepts and it is based on the problem solving skills and the decision making factors and so on.

That child forget about everything and does nothing except for one thing i.e. thought of getting in a good engineering college but still he doesn’t know the difference between the good and the bad.

What makes him to dwell upon this thought is the parental pressure. The second thing which mostly affects the quality of education is the rise in the number of engineering colleges and that makes a student a real jerk.

I don’t know how but rate of increase in engineering colleges is very fast. And every year if we look at the students passed out of the engineering colleges are getting higher and higher.


This also causes unemployment and leads those people to work in call centers instead of working for some industry of their field. But this is all because of the lack of knowledge that these engineering colleges provided to their students and the companies don’t have other options except to hire these people but at a lower pay while if we look in the past data the pay was really high for engineers as compared to this time.

The day will come when everybody turns to an engineer but no one will actually have those skills to perform which are required I an engineer.

The unemployment stills continues till eternity and especially in India where no action is taken against such a thing. I want to urge the government to take some serious action against these fake to colleges that should be ripped out from our society and the skills given in the colleges should be taken care of and look after by the government. I was embarrassed looking at me when I feel abandoned with no job and my friends who don’t know anything much gets the job but at least I was able to understand to consequences of this drastic change in society that turns out to be dangerous. This game will not end up here and if a serious action is not taken against it so soon then there will be havoc in the society.



Yogesh Gupta


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