Protected Areas, National Parks and Sanctuaries (Conservation of Biodiversity) in India


India is a country which is endowed with various biogeographically zones. Natural communities are considered worth preserving for a variety of reasons.

By declaring some areas as national parks or wildlife sanctuaries the natural community along with its ecosystem is preserved. A national park is an area dedicated to conserve the environment natural and historical objects and to conserve wildlife.

In wildlife sanctuaries killing, hunting, shooting or capturing of any species of birds and mammals is prohibited. Any area where special protection is offered to wildlife is declared as protected areas such as:


(a) River valley projects and other irrigate most suitable habitat living organism. In habitation works that attract water birds and other wildlife.

(b) Any area where protection is offered to wildlife in or around large towns of sacred places.

Reserves areas are demarcated especially for the protection of wildlife.

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