What Should We Do If We Find That Other Are Doing Big Mistakes and Creating Problems for Everyone?


A lot of our brain / mind powers are wasted in thinking or discussing about these matters.

For example common talks between people are:

Our govt is doing nothing and is wasting the funds of India. (Fault management, frauds, scams, lack of proper infrastructure etc.)


Cricketers, film stars or other big personalities are doing wrong acts.

Underworld dons are doing illegal activities, no one is controlling them. They are responsible for the increase in criminal activities, destruction and degradation of India.

Educational system is responsible for degradation of students of India and students have to ultimately handle India in future. (Paper leakage, wrong printing, wrong questions, wrong checking, wrong result publishing, old methods of education, unqualified teachers, principals, school/college directors, unqualified education ministers etc. )

Films are responsible for increasing crime in the entire world. They teach the tricks and techniques of doing perfect crime.


We say our servants, maids, drivers etc are big fools and always commit mistakes and create problems for us.

We say our parents, family members, friends etc have less knowledge and they don’t understand our situation and thus create problems for us.

Food quality and production system is very harmful for health and even doctors create diseases even when a person is absolutely fine and do unnecessary operations, surgeries and extort a lot of money from us.  Similarly other persons are always ready to extract maximum money by defrauding us.

Or so & so person in responsible for my bad luck or he/she created several hurdles in my way to success. That person always does wrong acts etc.


But there is an answer to all above questions and once the answer is known to us then these thoughts will not take away our precious mind / brain powers.

For this we should understand some laws of nature which we human beings cannot change like

1. Law of soil, if we plant the seed of mango then we will get mangoes after some time and if we plant the seed of green chilly then we will get green chilies after some time.

2. The law of action or karma which says that:


a. What we are giving today to others (happiness or sorrows) is what will come back to us tomorrow (happiness or sorrows).

b. What we gave to others in our past life (happiness or sorrows) is what we are getting from others today (happiness or sorrows).

c. And we will receive only that much of amount (happiness or sorrows) which amount we gave to others in the past (Happiness or sorrows).

And if any person is getting happiness or sorrows just from his childhood then it means it is the balance left of previous birth.  That person might have died in previous birth without settling his account of happiness or sorrows whatever it is.


Now most of us find faults in others and say they are doing wrong acts but before that we must think are we doing good or wrong acts in our daily life.


Satish Kumar Patel

Email: satishoist-at-gmail.com

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