Impact of Parental Influence on Adolescent


It is difficult to estimate the impact of parental influence on child behaviour pattern, academic achievement, emotional maturity and motivation. The father and the mother influences child in different manners.

The child may learn that males are strong and dominant and females are weak and submissive, if this is the pattern communicated to him by his parent’s interaction. This tells the child something about what to expect from other males and females and also about what should be expected of him, i.e. it tells him about the prescribed roles and the role prescriptions expected in the society.

Psychologist, educators and sociologist all agree that family influence happens to be the most significant single influence for childrens’ development” Bronn Fen Bernner 1977.


The parents or the family is the primary educating structure for children. Children basic right implies that parents accept a particular responsibility for the well being of their children. Parents take care of all their needs. Parents and family members are held with major responsibility of rearing and socializing the child. They provide a number of incentives to their children to promote them.

Many of the researches support that a loving and active father in child’s life improves outcome of children. Fathers who live with their children are more likely to have close, enduring relationship with their children and significantly more likely to do well in academic performance have healthy self-esteem, exhibits empathy and social behaviour and avoid high – risk behaviors including drug use, truancy and criminal activities.

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