Benefits and Risks of Nuclear Technology


There is no doubt that we all are living in nuclear age. The nuclear technology is employed in various fields having both its positive and negative aspects.

It is used in medical field to cure diseases like cancer. The gamma radiations can kill invading cancerous cells effectively but it is not without menace as normal and healthy cells of the body also get destroyed.

Other merit of nuclear technology is that it can generate enormous power in less time. Many developing and even advanced countries have set up nuclear power plants to generate electricity.


However, these power plants are always full of perils because there is always threat of radiation seeping out from these plants, as had happened in Russia and Japan. Extreme precautions, sometimes, cannot avoid such unpleasant happenings.

The worst aspect of nuclear technology is the enrichment of uranium to make bombs and other hazardous weapons. In World War II, unrestrained use of nuclear weapons killed millions of people and paralyzed many generations. Hiroshima and Nagasaki were completely devastated. The fields there failed to produce crops for years.

Today, many countries have gained this technology and enough atom bombs have been made to destroy the planet. The whole world is going through some serious political and regional disparities. There is strong likelihood that any discrepancy in future will lead to great destruction.

In my opinion, even though the nuclear technology has some benefits but its demerits are far more. Therefore, either it should be completely banned or allowed to use for peaceful purposes only under strict control. Globally, strict laws should be made and stern actions should be taken against the countries that violate them.





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