Behind the Student Eye



The way an average seventeen year old Indian views the world is very different. Rat races are all we have to worry about. College decisions-iit’s or nit’s?  stream decisions-electronics or computer science?

Residential or non-residential? Good stream in second priority college or compromise your stream in first priority college? The phone ringing off the hook from people you haven’t heard in forever calling now just to find out your ranks, placements and college decisions.


On top of all this, driving lessons!! All these never ending decisions are quite enough to drive one over the edge. We’re so caught up in these choices that we miss the whole point of college hunting.

Looking at this from the other side of the coin, isn’t going off to college supposed to be one of the most beautiful moments of life? Becoming adults, driver’s licenses, bank accounts, living away from home, internships…..a whole new world.

Picking a course or college should be heartfelt. When you enter those gates do you get the feeling that this is what you’ve been waiting for your whole life? Is it a place you can call home for the next four years?

The most important choice would be that of the course. The subject you choose here lays the foundation of what you’re going to be doing for the rest of your life. So before you come to a decision picture yourself ten years from now and if you can live with what you’ve chosen, then you’re on the right path.


Choosing a course is comparatively more difficult for an Indian than students of different origin. The education system here has specialization in subjects after tenth grade.

Till tenth, it’s an integrated study of basic english, mathematics, scineces and general social studies. Maybe, if we cut down on the generalised study and start specialization from 8th or 9th itself, students would hopefully have a much more clearer view as to what they want to pursue after 12th.

Quite obviously, our present system also has its own benifits. Hardcore subject studies have made us liable to vast oppurtunities after 12th. Let’s hope we don’t become jacks of all trades and masters of none. Adios amigos!!!



Asha Amara


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