20 Suggestions for a Sound Office System


1. The office system should be simple.

2. Co-related sections should be housed in close proximity.

3. The system should avoid chances of mistakes.


4. It should facilitate uninterrupted flow of work.

5. Available space should be utilized fully.

6. The system should serve the purpose for which it is meant.

7. It should be flexible.


8. It should maintain safety and secrecy.

9. It should facilitate effective internal control.

10. The system should be free from breakdowns.

11. It should avoid duplication and delay of work.


12. Unnecessary operations should be eliminated.

13. The system should achieve maximum economy in office operations.

14. Responsibility should be fixed on each employee.

15. Personnel must perform their duties independently, as far as possible.


16. Writing work of the staff should be minimized.

17. Procedure and system must be simple, economic, efficient and practicable.

18. Forms, preformed etc. must be simple to fill in.

19. Labor-saving machines should be adopted to get quick results.


20. Movement of persons should be brought down to the minimum.

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