18 Functions of the Municipal Council – Explained!


After the incorporation of 12th Schedule by the 74th Constitution Amendment Act, a Municipal Council, stands assigned the following 18 subjects:

1. Planning:

Preparation and implementation of plans for the development of the city.


2. Regulation of land use and construction of Buildings:

It makes bye-laws for the proper use of land and undertakes construction of buildings.

3. Planning for Economic and Social Development:

Municipal Council has also been given the task of undertaking planning and implementing the plans for the economic and social development of the inhabitants of the city.


4. Construction and maintenance of Roads and Bridges:

Municipal Council constructs roads and bridges in its area and undertakes the repair and maintenance work.

5. Water Supply for Domestic, Industrial and Commercial Purpose:

It has the power to make provision for the supply of clean drinking water in its area. It is to make arrangements for the supply of water for industrial and commercial purposes.


6. Public Health and Sanitation:

Public Health and Sanitation of the city is the responsibility of the Municipal Council and Health Officer and Sanitary Inspectors are responsible for carrying on this main function.

In this context it undertakes several functions:

(i) Makes provision for public latrines and urinals,


(ii) Provides proper drains for the disposal of dirty water and urination,

(iii) Imposes ban on the sale of rotten eatables.

(iv) Makes adequate arrangements for checking adulteration in food-stuff,

(v) Set up hospitals and dispensaries,


(vi) Makes arrangements for vaccination to contain epidemics like small-pox and cholera etc.

7. Provision of Fire Fighting Service:

Municipal Council makes provision of a fire-brigade and makes all necessary arrangements , needed for fire-fighting operations.

8. Urban Forestry, protection of environment and Ecological balance:

Municipal Council makes necessary arrangements for the protection of the environment of the city, for maintaining ecological balance, and undertakes necessary measures for checking pollution. It makes special drives for tree- plantation.

9. To protect the interests of weaker sections of society:

Municipal Council makes adequate arrangements for safeguarding the interests of the weaker sections of society, including the handicapped and mentally retarted. For this purpose it can undertake the construction and running of homes and handicapped persons.

10. Slum Improvement:

To keep the city clean and to beautify it is the basic duty of Municipal Council. For this purpose, it makes necessary arrangements for the development and improvement of urban slums.

11. Urban Poverty Alleviation:

Municipal Council takes steps for providing employment and self-employment to the people and for alleviating urban poverty.

12. Maintenance and establishment of Parks, Gardens and Play- Grounds:

To keep the urban environment clean and to maintain the beautification of the town, the Municipal Council develops parks in the town, sets up gardens in open spaces and makes provision for play-grounds.

13. Promotion of Cultural and Educational Welfare:

For the cultural, educational and aesthetic development of the people of the town the Municipal Council establishes cultural centres in the town, sets up museums, opens educational institutions and manages item.

14. Maintenance of Cremation Grounds:

Municipal Council makes necessary arrangements for the cremation and burial of dead bodies. Keeping in view its resources. Municipal Council can make provision of Electric Crematorium also.

15. Prevention of Cruelty against Animals:

Municipal Council makes necessary arrangements for the burial of dead animals as well as for preventing cruelty to animals.

16. Registration of Birth and Deaths:

Municipal Council undertakes registration of birth and deaths and issues birth and death certificates.

17. Public amenities including Street lighting, Parking, Bus Stops, and public conveniences:

Municipal Council makes proper arrangements for street-lighting in the town, sets up parking places in the town for parking of vehicles, tangas and rickshaws, and provides amenities, such as latrines and urinals.

18. Regulation of Slaughter Houses and Tanneries:

Municipal Council opens slaughter houses in the town and makes rules regarding their utilisation. It also regulates the working of tanneries and makes necessary arrangements to deal with the problems arising out of it.

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