I am Women Respect Me




“I hope she is a fool – that’s the best thing a girl can be in this world.” Well said by Brighan Young. Yep, she is a fool she is a fool of patience, she is the real fool the world has ever seen.

‘GIRL’ what does it mean? What makes her unique? Why do all guys need her? Just for sex? Why is she abused most of the time?

Well does a Girl mean Genetically Inferior retarded Life form? Or Glamorous Intelligent respected Leader?

The society selects the first one but we girls basically select the second one. Who cares about us! In this world society is so important that no one cares about the individual opinion.

From the beginning of history of women she is continuously being abused in one or the other form. No one cares about this why?  Is there no way to stop it? Yes, there is always a way out for every problem.

As Albert Einstein says “There is always a way out for every problem but we always concentrate on closed doors that we even don’t know that the other door is open for us we just wait beside the closed door to open.”

From the past women is said to be the weakest creature ever known. When we go to the history of women we can see that the creature more powerful than women (that’s men) chose to work and the women was made to sit at home, look after home, cook food for men, she was to keep the men happy, she is being used to reduce stress too. We have beauty so we should be abused?

Some women even liked it but this like made them even more worst. She is being ill-treated every second. Every two minutes five girls are being killed in India is this the respect we show her? Girls want to be equal with boys as Timothy Leary says “Women who seek to be equal with men lacks in ambition” no not actually she doesn’t lack in ambition but men make them so the society don’t support her ambition because society is important as I mentioned before.

The girl when she is born she should struggle for her life her parents think of killing her just because they should spend more money for her. Then when she grows up her parents don’t even give her proper education and make her work like a slave. What the hell we are? Don’t we have right to live? Men rule us, hence we don’t want to rule them we just want to be equal with men.

Later when girl matures the actuall problem starts she is more abused  after this. Their parents tie her to the relation called marriage there she should die for that house leaving her friends. Keeping her ambition aside she will work for her husband.

Most of the time she chooses a profession which society calls it as ill-legal. Men make her so.  They call her bitch but they don’t know that society has made her so. Give equal right to women; we are struggling for it. When we struggle to fight against this abuse we lose our virginity. We can’t walk freely in the society is this the respect society showing us?

Women work as a mother, sister, wife, as a friend instead of showing gratitude you ill-treat her. When girl is raped by someone she commits suicide but that guy is even not ashamed of it, why? Respect girls show her love treat her with your equal she just need is respect, love, care and protection please give her what she need because she gives you everything you want protect her it’s your duty. Stop abjection against women.

“I’m proud to be a girl, make every girl to be so”


Amrutha B V

Email: captain.ambu-at-gmail.com