The Real Beauty – Story of a Teenage Girl and Nightingale




In the cloudy blooming full moon night, a teenager on the window sill with pristine pretty curls of reddish-brown tint winging in the gradually gushing wind furthermore with light slick lips and mimic blue lens due to the reflection of blue moon night was humming in the silence of the street and gazing at the silver clouds as well.

She was solely bringing up a light smile on the beautiful glossy orifice at intervals whilst aspiring about rain to pour on the earth.

She lingered for hours but there was no gesture of soggy drops subsequently smile got contracted and lens turned into a watery one. As the tears passed through her lashes and then through pink cheeks, the heavy rain accompanied with snow began to fall on her weaving hands because the clouds couldn’t stand on her more evaporated tears.

The cheered up girl rushed to the yard and was enjoying the chilled pour to her fullest when she heard a hushed weeping from the nearby tree. For once she overlooked and continued her actions which she was acting in the rain but the oppressive sound bit by bit got louder.

She thought this chance was not to be missed out so responding to that she rummaged around but couldn’t recognize the truth. She was again barking up the wrong tree that it would just be the creep of insects.

But she didn’t get contented with the speculated answer and was fretted about it. Once again she looked around but this time the image of a quietly weeping nightingale was created on the pupil of her eyes.

She was scared but yet progressively moved forward to it, she was willing to seize the bird but it moved few steps back. The fourteen year old lass replied with civility”come, come please don’t be scared. Assume me as your friend and sing out in the form of song with your melodious voice all that is agitating you and obliging you to cry.’’ the nightingale gave a halt to its expression of grief and countered ’’I m remorseful, I can’t allocate my anecdote with you, I know you humans better.’’ teenager knocked for six because the bird was speaking.

She again quoted that ‘’ it’s okay but believe me I m neither going to harm you nor confine you. I love free flying birds just come with me inside. I guess you are shivering in this rain. Come I’ll provide you with shelter and by the next crack of dawn you can set off to your home.’’ the words sounded amazing to the nightingale so it answered her immediately ‘’ please excuse my French, yeah, I trust you I can come with you but….’’ the girl couldn’t get her words plainly so she asked ‘’but????’’  And the reply what the girl heard was that the nightingale got crippled in the snowy rain and so it can’t fly.

The girl’s heart got filled with woes but keeping the bird’s feelings in mind she proscribed herself and genially took  the nightingale and made her sit on her hand. The twosome went inside. Then she made nightingale rest on the furry couch by the time she went to fetch the first aid box. She bandaged the nightingale’s wound and then laid a hand on the wings with hot water bag. Whist this was going on the girl asked the nightingale the incentive behind its crying. Now the poor bird replied with the correct answer that in the nineteenth century its father was shot dead in the Amazon forest by a hunter. Then the nightingale and its mother moved to London where they were secretly dwelling on a tree of her yard. But unfortunately the current rain killed its aged mom and now it was all alone.

The lass consoled the bird and solely chipped it in by a glass of water and some slices of bread. While the Nightingale was eating the girl fell asleep.

In the next cock-crow as the bright light of the sun focused on girl’s face she woke up. She was in a shit moment that she had slept without providing a bed to the nightingale and immediately turned to the bird’s side to apologize for the carelessness and was dazed because the bird wasn’t there instead a piece of paper with a message was left.

She first looked around for the bird but didn’t get it so she was on track of reading the message. The first two words she read out was ‘’dear Sara’’ Sara was of course her name but the question marks were marked in the brain for how did bird know it. Anyhow she proceeded with the rest of the message. It said,

Dear Sara,

Thanks for treating me with so much of love and care. I miss you a lot my adorable daughter. The nightingale whom you cured was none other than your mom. You were of 2 when I died because of some illness. Please forgive me for leaving you alone. I visited you in the form of bird because I wanted to know whether your heart is really as pretty as your looks. And you have passed my assessment. May god bless you! LOVE YOU.

Mom regards.

Sara got emotional after that and immediately ran to the window for wishing the rain to pour and encounter the bird once again but the weather was sunny. She got disappointed and deflected her body facing towards the room then abruptly she was called out from the sky. Instantaneously she confronted and saw that it was her mom saying goodbye to her. She tried to get hold of her mother but it was too late.


Ayesha Pervez