What is the Price of Yamaha Xeon Bike in India?



The latest price of Yamaha Xeon bike in India is Rs. 45, 000/-

Yamaha Xeon model comes with a sporty and stylish appearance. Xeon with 125cc engine capacity is supported by a Powerful Engine that is reactive, with several advantages such as machine guarding DiAsil Cylinder engine the conditions remain stable when driving, making it more fuel-efficient and strong resistance to the friction.

It has a strong, lightweight and durable engine. For provision to stay at a stable temperature Xeon is povided with radiators using Liquid Cooled .It has DiASil Cylinder. This type of cylinder has a strong resistance against friction and it removes heat easily making it durable. Liquid Cooled System maintain the condition of the engine and temperature remains stable, especially in poor road conditions, or for driving long distances.

Its Carburetor is fitted with TPS to generate the ideal ignition timing so as to produce more complete combustion, and fuel consumption becomes more efficient. It is provided with Auto choke when starting the engine in cold conditions early morning

It has large luggage capacity that can store more stuff, including half face helmet.

Yamaha Xeon Scooter is set with automatic headlight on AHO. AHO application is very important in the drive to maintain the safety of motorists and AHO existence help reduce the number of accidents. MikaYamaha Xeon lamp has made it more sporty and do not break the rules because the yellow lights set appropriately.