17 Steps for the Placement of Rubber Dam



17 Steps for the Placement of Rubber Dam are:

General rule for limited isolation is to include one tooth posterior and two teeth anterior to the tooth being operated.

Steps for placement of rubber dam are:

1. Testing and lubricating the proximal contacts.

2. Punching the holes.

3. Lubricating the dam.

4. Selecting the retainer.

5. Testing the retainers.

6. Positioning the dam over the retainer.

7. Applying the napkin.

8. Positioning the napkin.

9. Attaching the frame.

10. Attaching the neck strap.

11. Passing the dam through posterior contact.

12. Applying compound.

13. Applying the anterior anchor.

14. Passing the septa through the contacts.

15. Confirming a properly applied rubber dam.

16. Checking access and visibility.

17. Inserting the wedges.