Wipro Desktop Computers Price in India (All Models) - 2012



Get the Latest Price of Wipro Desktop Computers (All Models) - 2012 for India! We have researched Wipro Computers prices from 4 most popular online stores of India and have filtered out only the best prices for you. All the prices given below are in Indian Rupees.

The lowest price of this green computer or the eco-friendly computer from Wipro is about Rs. 21, 890.

In this new era of technology and advancement we are surrounded by computers all around. Computers are power consuming and are made from toxic materials which made it non recyclable.

Keeping in mind the usages of computer and their draw backs Wipro has introduced eco friendly desktop computers for the first time. These machines are not made from toxic material and are there for recyclable and eco friendly.

Wipro is a responsible company and is complete aware of the demand of the new technologically advanced world and is ready to meet all the challenges of this new era. Their new desktop computers are best in quality and a dependable and trust worthy. They are totally incompliance with the new global needs and standards.

Wipro has responsibly given his customers reliable products having great performance. Wipro desktop computer has Intel dual core processors and its prices are not much different from other desktop computers. So you can enjoy your eco friendly computer almost at the price of other desktop computers.

The Wipro desktop computers are power saving computers. They have integrated audio cards, graphic cards 512MB DDR Ram extendable to 4 GB. It has multimedia keyboard with mouse. Monitor size is 17”.

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