6 main advantages of delegation



6 main advantages of delegation

The advantages of delegation are as follows: -

1. Superior related advantages:

The essence of delegation process is empowering someone to act for the manager. The manager shares his burden of work with his subordinates through delegation. Thus the manager is allowed to concentrate on other works.

2. Subordinate related advantages:

Delegation allows freedom and expands the wisdom of subordinates. It enhances the position and status of the subordinates as they are given powers to exercise.

3. Advantages to organisation:

Organisation grows and expands out of delegation. Delegation speeds up decision making as power is shared at all levels.

4. Improves behavioural climate:

The behaviour pattern of every individual is improved by delegation. Granting of freedom to act by the superior shows the confidence of the superior over tile subordinates.

5. Provides continuity:

When a manager is on leave the work is taken by subordinates and provides continuity in functions.

6. Provides motivation:

It motivates the subordinates to do better and perform well.