Merits and Demerits of Universal Adult Franchise



Merits and Demerits of Universal Adult Franchise

Merits of Universal Adult Franchise

Three arguments in favour of Universal Adult Franchise are as under:

(i) Based on political equality:

The system is truly democratic as it gives political equality to all the citizens irrespective of their caste, creed, sex, religion or property.

(ii) Promotes national unity:

Adult franchise spreads the message that all the citizens are equal and no one is privileged. This promotes national unity.

(iii) Political awakening:

The system rouses political awakening among all the citizens. They are in a position to safeguard their rights and freedoms. This develops a sense of responsibility among them.

Demerits of Universal Adult Franchise

Following arguments are given against Universal Adult Franchise:

(i) Illiterate persons are not able to exercise their right to vote properly, so this right should be given only to the educated citizens.

(ii) Poor people are liable to sell their votes. So this right should not be given to them.

(iii) The system is very expensive. Large-scale arrangements have to be made for the election.