Notes on Five Problems Associated with Indian Population



Notes on Five Problems Associated with Indian Population

(i) Increasing growth rate

(ii) Rapid urbanisation

(iii) Low quality of life

(iv) High dependency rate

(v) Education for all.

(i) Increasing growth rate:

Adverse effect. Increasing growth rate has put great strains on our natural resources.

Practicable solution. To solve this problem we have to adopt small family norms and keep a balance between birth rate and death rate.

(ii) Rapid urbanisation:

Adverse effect. Essential services face strains and slums have come up in every city or town.

Practicable solution. Employment avenues are to be created in rural areas and quality of life is to be improved there.

(iii) Low quality of life:

Adverse effect. Division of income among number of our family members has resulted in the low quality of life of the people. Practicable solution. Small family norms are to be adopted.

(iv) High Dependency ratio:

Adverse effect. It has resulted in the more mouths and less hands, leading to low quality of life and poverty among the people.

Practicable solution. More jobs are to be created.

(v) Education for all:

Adverse effect. Despite our best effects we have failed to provide education to all.

Practicable solution. To provide education for all, we have to control population growth rate and increase more educational facilities by providing incentives like midday meal and financial assistance.