Write a letter to your friend advising him to continue studies



20/16, Model Town


26th May, 2......

My dear Deepak,

Please accept my heartiest congratulations on your passing the Senior Secondary Examination in the 1st division.

I learn from your let­ter that you intend to give up your studies and plan to enter business. I am not against your choosing business as a career, but I do feel that an intelligent student like you should join some college.

You should not look down upon academic education. Even if you enter business, higher education will be of great advantage to you.

It will develop the faculties of your mind and train your power of observa­tion, reasoning and thought. It will help you in making the best use of your faculties,

Now-a-days education is necessary for business-man as it is for any other person. Education will enable you to speak correctly and ex­press yourself precisely. These qualities are essential for success in

I hope these views of mine will make you change your mind and encourage you to join some college and get the best that college life can give.

I am

Yours most sincerely,