Elections- Short Paragraph

Elections are an organized process by which people vote to choose a particular man or a group (party) to represent them in parliament, state assembly, committee or for the post of President, Chairman, sec­retary or cashier of an association. "I here is election for state legislative assemblies, Parliament, unions and other organizations. For state as­semblies and Parliament, elections are held after every five years. A notification is issued with complete election programme. Candidates file their nomination papers and further process of electioneering con­tinues. Symbols are allotted to them. Candidates approach the voter to seek their support. Public meetings are also organized to let people know about the programme of the candidate. Election commission with the help of government set up election booths in the localities. Propa­ganda comes to a halt two days before the date of elections. The voting takes place through a secret ballot. After counting of votes result is declared. The group which emerges as victorious becomes the ruling group.