What is the Correlation of Science with other Subjects?



Correlation of Science with other Subjects

As known that for over all development of the students, various subjects are being included in the curriculum. These subjects are not selected on ad-hoc basis, but this decision is taken after proper consideration and analysation. Generally those subjects are included in the curriculum which is found to be complementary to each other, as the main objective of all of them is to achieve set objective of education that is to bring about over all development of the students.

Science is quite a complex and vast kind of subject, because of which the task of correlating it with other subjects of curriculum seems to be quite an easy task. Deliberate effort should be done by the science teacher to bring about co-relation in between the science and other subjects of the curriculum, which are being imparted to the students.

Through this, students will find the opportunity to relate the knowledge which they have already gained, with the knowledge which they are gaining. This kind of relation activity leads to development of interest among the students.

While imparting knowledge of one subject, teacher gets much help in communicating his ideas if he makes use of examples or reference of concepts covered by other subjects. Although it is not very easy to co-relate various subjects with the complex subject like science, but it is not impossible. This can be done in the following manner:-

Science and Language:

Although science is a practical subject, but it is very important for it's learners to be able to express their views and ideas in clear and attractive form. For this purpose, it is necessary that they should have thorough knowledge of language which they use. Student who does not have good control over the language cannot express his views and various scientific laws and principles in front of others and especially in front of teacher.

Today, as a result of adoption of uniform technical terms and symbols, vocabulary of different languages have been enriched to considerable extent. In making students able to give answers of various scientific queries, in effective manner, either in written form or orally, science teacher and language teacher should take up a joint responsibility on their shoulders.

To co-relate science with language subjects, students can be asked to write essays on some scientific topic. If student make any kind of grammatical mistake, then the teacher can ask him to make correction in his language. Likewise, language teacher can give the task of writing about some scientific happening in the assignment designed for them. In this manner, he can correlate science with the language.

Science with Mathematics:

A large number of scientific principles and rules are represented in the form of mathematical expressions, for which it is very necessary for the student or person intending to get advanced study of science subjects to have sound mathematical basis. Without making use of mathematical expressions and rules, it is not possible for any teacher to conduct science teaching in effective manner.

The significance of mathematics in the science can be proved by the views of the experts that mathematics has given sound footing to the scientific laws and principles. Before beginning any topic in the science, it is essential for the teacher to make sure that mathematical basis of all the students is strong and vast.

Probably, mathematics is considered to be sole language of science because of which real understanding of science is considered to be impossible without adequate knowledge of mathematics. Some of the useful mathematical tools which are generally used in the science teaching are Algebraic equations, Geometrical formulas, Graphs etc.

Correlationship existing in between one of the subject of science and mathematics can be understood. Astrology is an advanced branch of science in which it is predicted or enumerated that which planet revolves at which speed and when it will get appeared to the people of earth.

This is quite complex area, and no one can enter into this complex area without having a sound mathematical basis. Likewise, mathematical rules and theories are also applied to considerable extent in physics, in which no one can intend to take even single step without relying on the subject of mathematics.

Thus, it can be said that science teacher should make all efforts by which he can establish co-relation in between the subjects of science and mathematics. It will not be improper in any way to consider both of these subjects as complementary to each other, which can be studied simultaneously or at the same time.

For this reason it can be said that without making use of examples from mathematics, it is not possible for science teacher to explain various scientific principles and concepts properly to the students. To make it possible, sincere and deliberate efforts should be made by science as well as mathematics teacher to co-relate both the subjects in accordance with the syllabus.

Science and History:

It sounds quite amazing that some kind of correlation can exist in between the science and history as earlier subject is practical in nature while nature of later subject is purely theoretical. However, it is possible to co-relate these subjects with each other.

While mentioning about the various scientific discoveries taken place in the earlier periods, teacher can relate with the major events of the world history. Students should be told about that what was the situation of science at the time of reigns of various famous kings or rulers. Teacher should narrate to the incidences which inspired various scientists to found out the medical remedies of various diseases.

Not only this, the function of co-relating science with history can be done by mentioning the kind of living standard people used to experience at different parts of the human history. With such knowledge, they will become aware of the scientific concepts like sanitation and healthful living.

Science and Geography:

Geography is the subject in which various concepts relating to earth on which we live are dealt with. Everything existing on earth, on different planets of the universe are also main subjects of geography. Which kind of crop should be sown in which kind of soils, how many kinds of rocks are found on the earth are some of the main topics which are covered by Geography. One will be surprise by this fact as these topics are also covered by the subject of Science.

In science, various concepts relating to the atmosphere and earth in which living and non-living beings exist are made. For this reason, temperature, wind directions and measurement of rainfall are conducted in the subject of science by making use of various apparatus.

Results obtained by the science in terms of climate and the manner in which it affect the human beings and earth are being interpreted by subject of Geography. The manner in which it is mentioned by the geography that how soil gets produced through crushing process of rocks, it makes the subject a special branch of science.

Therefore, geography lessons on these subjects will be best understood and appreciated if they have been discussed in length by the science teacher. There are various topics which are of common interest for geographers and scientists. Thus, it can be said that both of these subjects are complementary to each other. Both of these subjects are very near to each other, thus science teacher will not find any kind of problem in relating science with the subject of geography.

Science and Social Studies:

If one explores the history of development of human society, he will find various incidences in which human got victory over forces of nature, by which he got control over the land, sky and seas. As said that an important impact of science teaching is that outlook and perspective of students or people become scientific in nature, as a result of which, various kinds of changes take place in their way of living.

Scientific thinking affects the standard of living of human beings to considerable extent, as through such information, outlook and perspective of human beings become more wide and they can freed themselves successfully from the clutches of superstitions and false beliefs.

Various evidences can be found in our life which can show the significant way in which life style of human beings have got affected by inclusion of scientific developments in their life. Today, we can found various kinds of machines for performing different functions, about which primitive men even did not think.

As a result of these machines, our life has become very easy and smooth and now we can accomplish complex functions within short period of time, which were considered to be very time consuming. Not only this, various research works has led to development of various medicines with the help of which physicians have found the remedies of various diseases, which were once considered to be incurable and were responsible for bringing about heavy loss of life in earlier times.

Not only this, earlier a large number of manpower was being engaged in the agricultural sector, but now we are moving towards highly developed industries, as a result of which we are ready to participate in the competition taking place in global market. We have third highest number of professionals engaged in different areas of the world.

Now a large number of students intend to get education from foreign universities, but they want to serve their own nation and want to play effective role in bringing about development of the nation with greater pace. Earlier people were not provided with the developments taking place in the scientific area, as a result of which they used to accept all the orders imposed on them.

But now, in a scientific advanced time, people have learned that being human beings, they have certain rights, and if any attack is being made on their rights, they begin to agitate. This can be the possible reason that why women of our nation has attained those rights which were not permitted to them in the earlier time.

Another change which has taken place in our society through such reasoning ability is the manner in which people belonging to minority section of the society are asking or reservations in various spheres of the life. They are asking about reservations in educational institutions and even in parliament of the nation.

Thus it can be said that science and social sciences are two subjects which can be co-related with each other without much problem. A science teacher can correlate science with social studies on different occasions by providing suitable relations of relevance.

Science and Civics:

The main objective of imparting information of both the subjects is to create good and useful citizens for the nation, thus it is possible to correlate both of these subjects with each other. Through science, students become able to understand the utility of scientific inventions in their life, by which they become more responsible.

They begin to realise a sense of responsibility, which help them in playing important role in development of the nation. Through information of scientific facts, students get to know about various kinds of diseases and the role which they can play in creating a healthy and clean atmosphere around them. Through this kind of information, they become more responsible citizens and play an important role in creating an ideal civic life in the society and nation as a whole.

Science and Art:

It is considered by the majority of people that it is science who has contributed a great deal in developing the field of art, but this is not true, as both of these subjects or areas has played important roles in enriching each other. All types of arts have got enriched as a result of scientific developments, but it is not possible for a science teacher to impart information relating to various scientific facts and principles without having thorough control over the art.

As known that science is a practical subject, as a result of which, science teacher is required to draw various kinds of diagrams, models and charts, which cannot be performed unless he does not have sound artistic skills. Not only this, it is equally important for an artist to have thorough knowledge of scientific principles, as without it, he will find it difficult to keep the colour contrast of his images in attractive and controlled position.

An artist should know the principles of light and shade, objects and background for drawing or keeping the colour contrast in attractive condition. Thus, it can be said that some common features are found in the subjects of science and art, because of which they can be co-related with each other effectively.

Science and Music:

In our nation, music has its own importance as different kinds of songs are found in different parts of the nation. There are songs and theories of music in different languages. Various musical stars got born in our nation, but the number of persons engaged in musical area has diminished to considerable extent as now people consider it as wastage of time and efforts.

To encourage people and especially students to get involve themselves in professions having their roots in music, this has been accepted as an independent subject in various schools and institutions and it forms an integral part of school curriculum. For the students of music, knowledge of resonance, vibration systems in strings and air columns is very necessary and important.

To make improvements in their voice and manner of singing, various scientific equipments are being used today, which could not come into being without scientific developments. Thus, it is only through the utilisation of scientific developments in the real life that led to development of various apparatuses used in the musical field. Science teacher can relate subject of science with the music by narrating the students that what led to development of various equipments used by the musicians and on which principles do they operate or function.

Science and Craft Works:

Some people will find it quite unsound to relate science and craft works with each other, but various kinds of improvements can be brought about in ability of students to understand various scientific principles and facts. During craft periods, students can be provided with the task of designing various pieces of scientific apparatuses and equipments.

Through such step, scientific interest can be developed in the students, which will help in arousing the interest of students in various scientific incidences. An urge will get developed in them to see or observe the equipments or apparatuses designed by them in reality, by which they will be motivated to get more and more information regarding the research functions conducted in the scientific field through various means and sources.

Thus, it can be said that if science teacher will relate science with other subjects of the curriculum, then he will get more justifiable and satisfactory results.