What are the Advantages of Team-Teaching?



Advantages of Team-Teaching :

1. It can be best utilized in the step of evaluation. In this, all the teacher get opportunity of evaluating the task of every teacher.

2. It provides many opportunities to the member- students for participating in the discussion. It provides stimulus to the ideas of the pupils and teachers. Team- Teaching develops the strong will and responsibility of participating among the pupils and teachers.

3. Human relations are very essential for social adjustment. Traditional teaching lacks human relations. It provides opportunities of developing human relations.

4. It is also develops the professional status of the teachers because this provides them the opportunity of reading new literature. The teacher himself labours hard.

5. The team-teacher's main contribution is that the pupils can have maximum opportunities of facing maximum specialists. Hence, the pupils can gain the advantage of specific knowledge of the different teachers.

6. It is economically useful in terms of time and energy.

7. The main utility is the improvement in the quality of instruction.