What is the Need of Lesson Planning?



Need of Lesson Planning

In comparison of the lesson-plan, a unit presents key ideas or big ideas of science in more systematic manner at various levels of treatment, for the learners of different categories. A Unit is designed to plan in advance or accomplish the following:

1. It provides the basis for evaluating pupils performance.

2. It provides an opportunity for teacher and pupil interaction.

3. It enables links to be established either with community or a specific key idea, rather than the simple statement of either topic or headings.

4. It anticipates future needs e.g. illustrative material to be borrowed, purchased or developed.

5. It extends student experiences beyond the limits prescribed by the syllabus.

6. It individualizes instruction at its beat or alternatively provides for individual and group actively on certain phases mostly resting with the children.

7. It initiates new activities or experiences which are not possible during the class-period.