Essay on the Development of Scientific Attitudes



Development of Scientific Attitudes

The responsibility to develop scientific attitudes among the students lies on the shoulders of teacher, as he is the only person who can manipulate all the situations in such a manner by which feature of scientific attitudes can be installed among them.

Students look upon the teacher as their role model for which it is necessary for the teacher to possess all the positive qualities. He should possess the qualities of honesty, giving importance to the other's views and to take decisions on the basis of various scientific evidences.

Then the students will emulate the teacher for his qualities and through it, a favourable and permanent impression of the teacher will be left out on the students by which they will become able to adopt the same kind of attitude. As known that science is a practical subject, for which it becomes additional responsibility of teacher imparting this subject to provide opportunities to participate in various kinds of activities to the students at larger extent.

It is necessary for the science teacher to provide opportunities to the students for independent working, extra-readingv laboratory works and playing an important role in solving various kinds of problems through scientific methods.

An important tool through which a teacher can develop quality of scientific attitude among the students is educational curriculum. Such projects and functions should be suggested by the teachers with the help of which students can get such opportunities to get participated in such functions by which their ability to solve various kinds of problems get developed.

It is usually found that students who remain engaged in wide reading in general science get scientific attitudes developed more easily and quickly than the students who do not take participate in such kind of activities. Spirit of healthy criticism get developed among the students if there is democratic atmosphere prevalent in the classrooms.

In such kind of atmosphere, there will be no wishful or biased kind of thinking on the part of students. If students will be provided equal opportunities to take part in discussions conducted in class rooms, then they will become able to put their views and opinions freely in front of large number of students.

This will help them in developing a habit of taking decisions on the basis of logical thinking. With this, feature of critical thinking will get developed in them and their mind set will become wide in nature. In such kind of atmosphere, they will learn the fact that everything happens with a specific cause and they will try to find out reason of happening of various things around them.

Thus, their thinking pattern will take a scientific look.

There should be provision of well maintained and equipped laboratory in the schools as it helps in forming and practising good attitudes among the students to considerable extent. Teacher should provide the students with equal opportunities to get participated in various experiments conducted in laboratories. With this practice, they will become habitual to find out the truth and reasons of various things.

It is the duty of teacher to taught to the students that they should not do any kind of hurry in taking decision or in drawing conclusion from any incident. Before doing so, proper consideration should be paid to the evidences. They should be taught the methods by which they can collect various kinds of evidences.

Teacher should try to develop such qualities in the students with the help of which they can observe various facts and incidences critically and can find out the actual truth. Another important responsibility of the teacher is to ensure that students do not get indulged in the activity of copying, as it can lead to stagnation of mental capacities of the students, by which their future can be full of darkness and hopeless.