Essay on the Concept Scientific Attitudes



Concept of Scientific Attitudes :

The major aim of science education is to develop scientific attitude among the learners in proper way.

In such condition, no teacher or person can perform the function of imparting science to the students without understanding the proper meaning and true nature of scientific attitudes. Some experts are of the view that problem solving in all of its elements is closely linked with a group of attitudes or mind set-ups, which are important outcomes of science teaching.

To understand the concept of scientific attitudes, it is necessary to take into recognition some of the definitions put forwarded by some experts. In view of some experts, scientific attitudes can best be defined as open mindness or a desire for getting or gaining accurate kind of knowledge.

It also implies gaining confidence in procedures for seeking knowledge and the expectations that by making use of verified knowledge, solutions of all the problems will be find out. Likewise, some experts are of the view that kind of attitudes which are free from all kinds of biases, prejudices and superstitions are known as scientific attitudes. Open- mindness, intellectual honesty and critical mindness are considered to be some of the main features of such kind of attitudes.

Thus it can be said that a person who possess scientific attitudes have the natural tendency to look for the basic cause which led to development of the situation. Such person will not rely on other people's believes and knowledge. No consideration will be paid by such person to the superstitious views and to the thing like fate or luck.

Such person is curious concerning the things he observes. He does not get satisfied only by witnessing the happening, but tries to find out the reason for the happening. He will try to get answer of various questions get arising in his mind. Such a person has an open mind, because of which he will try to collect opinions of other persons and will attempt to relate their opinions with his own views. Such person must possess the view that truth never gets changed, however, as soon as he gains better understanding of that truth, his ideas of what is true will get changed.

A person with scientific attitudes does not remain stick on his views and ideas, but keep on revising them in accordance with the new findings. He gives proper consideration to the views and opinions of the other persons and does not accept any kind of conclusion as final till all findings are not done by him.

Before analysing the kind of information obtained, such person will make use of best method available to him and then will plan out a programme for finding out the way by which situation can be analysed. Such a person will seek to adopt various techniques and procedures with the help of which he can solve the existing problem in minimum possible time.

Such person does not rely on observations and informations gathered by other persons or through other sources, rather believes in analysing all the facts personally. Before drawing any kind of conclusion, such person infers whether the evidence he is relying on is sound and sensible in itself.

Person with scientific attitude keeps himself aware of the latest developments done in the field of science and on basis of such knowledge make use of most recent and authoritative method for gathering information relating to the problem. Conclusion is drawn out by such person after providing due consideration to the valid of and sound evidences and he does not base his decision on views and opinions of others.

He does not accept any such fact for which there are no convincing proofs. He makes use of various sources and bases his conclusion upon evidences obtained through such sources. Such a person tries to find out most satisfactory explanation for all the observed phenomenon.

After drawing conclusions, he remains stick to his belief and avoids all kinds of exaggeration. While drawing conclusions, such person does not allow his personal pride and biases to change the truth and he remains stick to the path of truth. Conclusions drawn by such persons are based on true and valid evidences, as a result of which they are valid and true in nature.