What are the Aims of Science Teaching at Different Levels?



Aims of Science Teaching at Different Levels

Likewise objectives, one of an important commission set up by the Indian government has put its views regarding the aims of science teaching for students of different levels, mention of which are as follows:

Aims of Science Teaching for Primary Level Students:

i. The main aim of science teaching provided at this stage should be to make students able to understand various scientific facts, concepts and principles which are related to their immediate physical and biological environments. To unravel these ideas and concepts, both deductive and inductive approaches should be used, however, more emphasise should be provided to the deductive approaches or methods.

ii. Information regarding concepts like personal hygiene and sanitation should be provided more to the students at this level.

iii. Information regarding the manner in which Roman alphabets are being written and read out should be provided to the students. It is an important function as majority of terms used in science field are written in Roman field.

Aims of Science Teaching for Secondary Level Students:

i. In the programmes designed for such level students, emphasis can be shifted to acquisition of knowledge with the ability of think logically and rationally. Students should be provided information in such a manner that they can draw logical conclusions d can take scientific and rational decisions.

ii. Science should be included in the curriculum in form of subjects like Physics, Geology and Biology. In providing necessary or essential scientific base to young students, a disciplinary approach to science learning will prove to be more effective and it will play more important role in comparison to general science.

iii. At this level, subject of science should be taught as a discipline of mind and a means to prepare students to get higher education.

iv. Scientific subjects should be declared compulsory for all the students, as it is only through this step that basis of scientific knowledge and information can be developed.

v. In the programmes of science designed for students of this level, more importance should be provided to the more complex information by which they can attain specialised kind of information through science teaching. Thus, it can be said that there should be diversification of courses and provisions for specialisation in the science programmes designed for students of higher level.

After understanding the aims and objectives of science teaching at different levels, now an important concept can be discussed, without which process of education cannot be fulfilled properly. This is the process of Evaluation. As said earlier that a number of changes take place in the students as a result of information gained through science teaching. It is very necessary to make appraisal of such changes brought about in the students as a result of science teaching. This important function is done under the process of evaluation.

The person who performs the function of evaluation is termed as evaluator. Various evaluation tools are being used by evaluator for proper appraisal of student's behaviours. It is with the help of various tools and means that an evaluator judge whether desired kind of changes has taken place in behavioural pattern of the students or not.

An important result of learning experiences is learning outcomes. By making use of his or her abilities, teacher tries to attain the subjectwise objectives of the function. Achievement level of students is being evaluated by the teacher to provide relevant learning experiences and to know the learning outcomes of the students.

Thus, evaluation process makes it easy for the teacher to define the objectives of his or her function properly and in clear cut terms. By taking into account the necessary features of the performance based objectives, it becomes possible for the teacher to transform general objectives into performance based objectives.

Here it is important to mention that performance based objectives possess of certain features, one of an important of which is that they make it clear that performance of which student or individual is to be From such evaluation, student's note down in the observable behavioural terms.

Then, in such situations, it is also mentioned that in which kind of conditions and situations, behavioural pattern of students will be analysed. Evaluator will also write down in proper and systematic manner that what kind of behavioural pattern he or she intends to be possessed by the student.

Thus at last it can be said that although various aims and objectives have been put forwarded by the different experts, but one of an important aim is to bring about positive and desirable kind of changes in student's perspective by which they can lead a healthy and rational life.

Students should become able to judge all the problems arising in their life on practical terms and before taking any decision should analyse all the aspects of the problem. Thus, all those steps should be taken by which outlook of students can get a scientific and more practical shape.

Only such kind of people can realise the importance of science and technology in bringing about development of the nation and only such people can play important roles in functions performed for development of the nation.