What is the Concept of Scientific Facts?



Concept of Scientific Facts:

Various sources are used to know different kinds of things existing around human beings or in the atmosphere. Through these sources, various studies are being conducted, which led to development of certain conclusions. These conclusions and results obtained through these studies are known as facts. In simple terms, it can be said that a fact is something which is known to exist.

It is important to mention here that facts are of different nature and scientific fact is different from other kinds of facts. Only that fact can be called scientific fact which has been derived by scientists through the help of scientific methods. Thus, a fact which is being derived through scientific method can be called as scientific fact.

As said earlier that scientific methods are reliable and valid to considerable extent, because of which it can be said that scientific facts are also reliable and valid in nature. Such facts have a certain degree of truthness and reliability. Truthness and reliability of such facts can be verified through various means.

Scientific facts are developed after considerable observation and analysation. An important fact regarding scientific facts is that they are not absolutely true. Such facts have dynamic kind of truth which is not static but provision in nature. Thus, it can be said that scientific facts are very near to reality but still they can be modified and changed in accordance with the method used or conditions prevailed.

Scientific facts are not considered to be absolute in nature the reason of which is that there is no end to extent to which they can be verified. Conclusion drawn by one scientist can be put on challenge by other scientists and various cases have come into light when new investigations have led to modification in the conclusions or results drawn by earlier scientist.

Thus it can be said that scientific facts are open in nature and they are dynamic and flexible. Various conclusions have been drawn out as facts which are found to be untrue and far from reality, which is an outcome of using wrong or improper source of information or scientific method. Within short period of time, hollowness of such wrong scientific facts becomes evident. This takes place through their proper verification which rest on the adequate scientific groups.

No fact should be considered as scientific fact unless it has not been observed personally and has been verified through proper experimentation and means of scientific methods. As said earlier that new research or investigation can prove existing fact untrue or wrong, because of which what is known to be true today can be prove untrue to entire or limited extent in near future as a result of further findings and researches. Newly discovered facts can replace existing scientific facts, because of which, they are considered to be flexible and dynamic in nature.