Bail Petition under Section 437 Cr.P.C. (complete information)



In the Court of 10th Metropolitan Magistrate, Laxadinagar (Criminal No of Police Station Jwaharkhazana)


Gadha Ghantaliah,

son of G. Satyanaliah,

age about 25 years,

Occupation Business of Real Estate

Resident of 8-2-840, Navataiah Lane,

Jwaharkhazana, Laxadinagar Petitioner/Accused


The State of Laxadinagar, Represented by Station House

Officer, Police Station Jwaharkhazana .... Respondent/Respondent


Offence - Under Section 420 I.P.C., May it please your honour

1. That the police has filed a false case and involved the petitioner alleging that he misrepesented to the de facto complainant that he is willing to sell his house to the de facto complainant and took huge advance consideration, and entered into agreement. The de facto complainant after inquirires found that the house to be sold does not belong to the petitioner, and the petitioner has no right, title or interest whatsoever in the property. Had he not misrepresented, he would not have parted with the money and suffered loss.

2. That the petitioner submits that he is not a party to any agreement of sale much less for the said house.

3. That the complainant has lodged a false complaint on instigation of rival businessman, and the allegation as such is false and the petitioner has not committed any offence.

4. That the petitioner is a reputed businessman, and has a permanent- abode, and is a peaceful law abiding citizen.

5. That the petitioner is prepared to furnish sureties to the satisfaction of this Hon'ble Court.

6. That the police has filed the charge-sheet, and the investigation is complete, and the petitioner is not required for any investigation.

7. That the petitioner has not filed any petition for the grant of bail previously in any Court.

8. That the petitioner shall abide by any condition imposed by this Hon'ble Court.

Therefore, it is prayed that this Hon'ble Court be pleased to enlarge the petitioner on bail on terms and conditions this Hon'ble Court deems fit and proper.

Laxadinagar, Dt. 25-5-'97