Short essay on India - Srilankan relations in recent years



Indian Origin:

Though both the nations have been good neighbour since time immemorial, their relationship has become the cause of concern for the last few decades.

Geographically the two countries are separated from each other through a small water- strip. Both the countries are having cordial relations with each other, but before three decades, and from then, Srilanka's president of that time Mr. Jaywardhana agreed with India for the latter's help in suppressing Tamil's militant group LTTE, through army actions.

Though India sent army, but the result worsened the relationship. India accepts Srilanka's integrity and sovereignty but also wants full democratic rights for Tamils also. From time to time authorities of both the countries have visited each other and relations in trade, culture, political fields are in good terms, almost always.

Recent trade agreements under SAARC have given boost to it.

In February, 2000 India-Srilanka free Trade Agreement is implemented according to which more 120 items are allowed in trade which were not allowed till now. Yet, Srilanka wants Indian army's cooperation against LTTE, in which India is not so reluctant Srilanka favours India on terrorist activities, supported by Pakistan, on Indian lands.

Thus, it wants a good relation as is the case with India. This can be seen in India's Liberalising trade cooperation with Srilanka.