What is water harvesting?



Water harvesting means saving the rain water with proper scientific methods to be used in future. In India, Rain pours instead of rainfall and that also within a short time span of 3 to 4 months of monsoon regime.

Thus water harvesting in macro and micro scale becomes significant to Indian climatic condition.

Two ways of water harvesting: (i) Ground water Recharge (ii) check, dams.

In some areas, shortage of rain is reason for water shortage while in some other parts, topography lead to flowing of water, wasted. Kutch, Rajasthan etc. exemplifies the former situation while Cherapunji.

Delhi is examples of the later.

But through water harvesting not only water for domestic use but also for the irrigation can be stored and utilized at properly required time.

And zones can also be provided with extra water flood prone areas, if the plan is handled at larger level.

Rain-water harvesting can solve the water shortage problem to a large extent in India.