The biotechnology boom may pave a golden path for the India - Essay



Biotechnology is one of the emerging technologies which have immense potential for a developing country like India. Biotechnology is the industrial use of Micro-organism and living plants and animal cells to produce substances or effects beneficial to people.

Biotechnology encompasses the manufacture of antibiotics, vitamins, vaccines, plastics. Toxic waste disposed using bacteria, pollution control, and production of new fuels are all possible through biotechnology. Gene technology, tissue culture, hybrid seed production, microbial fermentation, production of hybridoma antibodies or inmunochemicals is widespread biotechnology used in India.

India being a country with large geographical expansion and human population. Biotechnology in Agriculture sector has turnout to be boom with HYV and other gene and tissue culture technology. Biofertiliser and Biopesticides are also helpful in a big way.

In Industrial sector and energy sector also by producing industrial chemicals, waste management it is useful. For bio-diversity and environmental conservation it is greatly helpful. Biosensors, for detection of organo-phosphate pesticide resides in water, reclamation of degraded ecosystem at Bhatti mines (Delhi) and in Nagpur are in practice.

For Human health, several vaccines, medicine in neuroscience, biotechnology have done wonders for our country. BIBCOL is engaged in making OPV for polio eradication. Thus Biotechnology can do wonders in all the important sectors in India with minimum of investment.