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Radha Kamal Mukherjee (1889-1968) was a pioneer in the areas such as social ecology, interdisciplinary research and the social structure of values. Some of his important works/books are.

1. The Regional Balance of Man (1938)

2. Indian Working Class (1940)

3. The Social Structure of Values (1955)

4. Philosophy of Social Sciences (1960)

5. Flowering of Indian Art (1964)

Dhurjati Prasad Mukherji (1894-1962) was a Marxist who viewed Indian society in terms of a dialectic process of tradition and modernity, colonialism and nationalism, individualism and collectivism. Some of the important sociological works of D.P Mukherji are:

1. Basic Concepts in Sociology (1932)

2. Personalities and the Social Sciences (1924)

3. Modern Indian Culture (1942)

4. Problems of Indian Youths (1946)

5. Diversities (1958)

G.S. Ghurye (1893-1984). He was an ethnographer who studied tribes and castes of India using historical, Indological and statistical data. He has also studied rural urbanisation, religious phenomena, social tensions and Indian art. Ghurye was of the opinion that urbanisation in India was not a simple function of industrial growth. But process of urbanisation started from the rural areas itself. Due to the expansion of agriculture, more and more markets were needed to exchange the surplus in good grains.

Important works of Ghurye are:

1. Indian Sadhus (1953)

2. Family and Kin in Indo-European Culture (1961)

3. Gods and Men (1962)

4. Anatomy of a Rural-urban Community (1962)

5. Scheduled tribes (1963)

6. Caste and Race in India (1969)