50 multiple type questions for college students



501. Which of the following causes fibrosis in lungs?

A. Lead


C. Asbestos


502. Which of the following is secondary pollutant?

A. CCl2F2


C. (C2H5)4 Pb


503. The air pollution at source can be controlled by:

A. Separating the pollutants from harmless gases

B. Converting the pollutants to innocuous products before their release in the air

C. Both of them

D. None of these

504. Biochemical oxygen demand means:

A. amount of oxygen taken up by the micro-organisms present in water

B. amount of oxygen released by the micro-organisms present in the water

C. amount of nutrients taken up by the micro-organisms present in the water

D. None of these

505. Hot water contains dissolved oxygen and then the BOD:

A. decreases

B. increases

C. stabilizes

D. None of these

506. The gas which is produced in rice paddy and is associated with global warming is:

A. CH4


C. CO2

D. H2S

507. The newspaper contains one of the following toxic materials. It is:

A. Cd

B. Pb

C. Mg

D. Hg

508. Which of the following cities has the highest S02 pollution?

A. Milan B. Seoul

G New Delhi D. New York

509. Match the following:

1. Global warming (a) SO2

2. DDT (b) biological magnification

3. PAN (c) C0, CO2

4. Acid Rain (d) smog

A. 1(c), 2(b), 3(d), 4(a)

B. 1(b), 2(c), 3(a), 4(d) C 1(c), 2(d), 3(c), 4(a) D. 1(d), 2(c), 3(a), 4(b)

510. McNamara disease of Japan which afflicted people with paralysis was traced to:

A. Algae contaminated with Arsenic

B. Fish contaminated with Hg

C. Fruits contaminated with Nickel

D. Rice contaminated with biofertilizer.

511. "Mango necrosis" is due to:

A. CO2



D. SO2

512. When huge amount of sewage is dumped into a river, the BOD will:

A. increase

B. remain unchanged

C. slightly decrease

D. decrease

513. Taj Mahal is threatened due to the effect of:

A. Chlorine

B. Sulphur dioxide

C. Oxygen

D. Hydrogen

514. Which is the main cause for desertification?

A. Developmental activities

B. Tourism

C. Overgrazing

D. Irrigated agriculture

515. Which substance provides protection from carcinogens?

A. Aflatoxin

B. Sterigmatocytin

C. Penicillin

D. Tocopherol

516. Most hazardous metal pollutant of automobile exhaust is:

A. Lead

B. Copper

C. Mercury

D. Cadmium

517. Green house effect is enhanced in the environment by the gas:

A. CO2

B. Ozone

C. Fluorocarbon

D. Methane

518. UV radiation from sunlight causes the reaction that produces:


B. Ozone

C. Fluorides

519. Most important causative pollutant of soil may be:

A. plastics

B. iron junks

C. detergents

D. glass junks

520. Photochemical smog is related to the pollution of:

A. Soil

B. Water

C. Noise

D. Air

521. Checking of reradiating heat by atmospheric dust, water vapour, ozone, C02, etc. is known as:

A. Green house effect

B. Radioactive effect

C. Ozone layer effect

D. Solar effect

522. Foul Smell in the water of tanks, ponds etc is due to:

A. Anaerobiosis

B. Aerobiosis

C. Biological magnification

D. Psammophytes

523. The nitrifying bacteria are:

A. Autotrophic

B. Holophytic

C. Parasitic

D. Chemosynthetic

524. The main radioactive elements in the nuclear fall out are:

A. Sr90 and Ba142

B. Kr91 and I131

C. I131 and Sr90

D. U235 and Ra225

525. Which of the following are harmful electromagnetic radiations?

A. Cosmic rays

B. Gamma rays

C. Alpha rays

D. Beta rays

526. Which city of India carries the maximum air pollution?

A. Mumbai

B. Kolkata

C. Kanpur

D. Delhi

527. The first biocide used on a large scale was:


B. 2, 4-D

C. mercury

D. methane

528. Acid precipitation kills fish by causing the release of:

A. Aluminium


C. Anticoagulant

D. Hg

529. Photochemical smog always contains:

A. Aluminium ions

B. Methane

C. Ozone

D. Phosphorus

530. Which of the following statements regarding the maintenance of carbon cycle in the biosphere are correct (a) Plant utilize solar energy to convert C02 and water into cellular materials and produce oxygen that animals consume (b) Oxygen produced by the plants during carbon assimilation is not a by-product (c) Energy used by and animal comes from the oxidation of plant material releasing CO, and water (d) All decaying organic matter on the earth is ultimately degraded by moulds and bacteria to yield CO, that escape into the atmosphere.

Select the correct answer:

A. b, c and d

B. a, c and d

C. a and b

D. All of these

531. Water pollution is best assessed by determining:

A. DO and acidity

B. DO and BOD

C. BOD and turbidity

D. Hardness and alkalinity

532. DDT is a:

A. Degradable pollutant

B. Non-degradable pollutant

C. Green house gas

D. Degradable after four years

533. Earth Summit at Rio-de-Janerio was related to:

A. Survey of natural resources

B. Prevention of afforestation

C. Soil fertility

D. Conservation of environment

534. The major drawback DDT as a pesticide is that:

A. Its cost of production is high

B. It is not degraded in nature

C. Organisms at once develop resistance to it

D. It is significantly less effective than other pesticides

535. Among the following which one is likely to have highest concentration of DDT in its body?

A. Phytoplankton

B. Zooplankton

C. Eel

D. Sea gull

536. The protective ozone shield is to be found in the:

A. Hydrosphere

B. Ionosphere

C. Stratosphere

D. Troposphere

537. Which of the following is correct?

A. Up to 15 km above the earth's surface ozone is beneficial to life but chlorofluorocarbons are harmful

B. Beyond about 20 km above the earth's surface presence of ozone is vital to life on earth and chlorofluorocarbons are beneficial

C. Beyond about 20 km above the surface of earth, ozone is vital to life on earth, but chlorofluorocarbons are harmful

D. Up to about 15 km above the earths surface both ozone and chlorofluoro­carbons are harmful to life

538. Green house gases are called such because they:

A. Are produced in green house

B. Prevent the escape of heat waves reradiated from the earth's surface

C. Are used in warming plant growth chambers

D. Help in maintaining atmospheric 02 and C02 balance

539. The 'Love Canal Incidence' is concerned with:

A. Chemical plant accident

B. River pollution

C. Toxic waste dump

D. Man-made bacteria

540. The "solution to pollution is dilution." T his can be best correlated to:

A. air pollution

B. water pollution

C. noise pollution

D. All of these

541. Which of the following pollutants is not produced by exhaust of motor vehicles?


B. Hydrocarbon

C. Flyash

D. SO2

542.In mimicry, the individual which is benefitted is called:

A. Mimic

B. Model

C. Commensally

D. None of the above

543. Most outstanding danger at present for the survival of living beings on the earth is:

A. radiation hazard

B. automobiles

C. industrial effluents

D. detergents

544. What does the term 'over kill' deal with?

A. Pesticide poisoning

B. Soil erosion

C. Nuclear holocaust

D. Global warming

545. Radiation is health hazard because it causes:

A. Haemophilia

B. Leukaemia

C. Pneumonia

D. Polio

546. In which industry, workers suffer from Byssinosis?

A. Cardboard

B. Textile

C. Plastic

D. Paper

547. Spraying of DDT on crops produces pollution of:

A. air only

B. air and soil

C. air, soil and water

D. air and water

548. The most widely existing pollutant in the air is:


B. CO2

C. SO2

D. None of the above

549. If water pollution continues at its present rate, it will eventually:

A. stops the water cycle

B. prevent precipitation

C. makes oxygen molecules unavailable to aquatic life

D. makes nitrates unavailable to aquatic life

550. Which of the following air pollutants is the chief cause of acidic rains?

A. H2S


C. SO2

D. CO2