Important facts on The Environment (Protection) Act, 1986



The act was promulgated to provide for the protection and improvement of environment and matters connected the results. The act consists of 26 sections distributed among four chapters and extends to the whole of India.

The act provides general powers to the Central Government to take all necessary measures for the purpose of:

(A) Protecting and improving the quality of the environment and

(B) Preventing, controlling and abating environmental pollution.

Besides, other powers the Central Government shall have process for:

(i) Planning and execution of a nationwide programme for the prevention, control and abatement of environmental pollution.

(ii) Laying down standards for the quality of environment in its various aspects.

(iii) Laying down standards for emission or discharge of environmental pollutants from various sources whatsoever.

(iv) Restriction of areas in which industry, operations or processes shall not be carried out subject to contain safeguards.

(v) Laying down procedures and safeguards for prevention of accidents, which may cause environmental pollution. (vi) Laying down procedures for handling of hazardous substances.

(vii) Examination of such manufacturing processes materials and substances as are likely to cause environmental pollution.

(viii) Carrying out and sponsoring investigations and research relating to problems of environ-mental pollution.

(ix) Collection and dissemination of information on environmental pollution and

(x) Preparation of manuals, codes or guides, relating to the prevention, control and abatement of environmental pollution.