How to implement technological plans?



To implement the plan, the planning team needs to assign benchmarks and timelines to the proposed strategies. The benchmarks and timelines must be set to provide for the necessary infrastructure, hardware, technical support, and software in time for use by teachers, students, and administrators.

Funding and Budget :

After an acquisition timeline and a list of needed equipment, infrastructure, and technical support are made, a budget needs to be developed and funding sources identified. Funding is necessary to obtain those items and the training to implement the Curriculum and Professional Development components.

The administration and governing board need to understand which expenses are one-time costs and which are ongoing. Recognition of both types of costs is important to garner early commitment for supporting the ongoing costs of maintaining and updating the initial system and the training. Knowledge of which costs are one-time may also be useful in obtaining time and/or resources from private donors who might otherwise be reluctant to make an ongoing financial commitment.

To minimize costs the budget staff should consider hardware and software purchasing agreements in the district and those provided by statewide services, Just having an education technology plan should increase the resources available. From the outset the district administration and governing board should consider dedicating some ongoing district resources to implement the plan. This act alone will send a powerful message about the importance of the plan and its implementation. Additionally, this plan is structured to meet the planning needs of various state and federal grant programs.

Finally, a plan and timeline for the acquisition of specifically identified equipment, hardware, software, and technical support will make it easier to approach the Private sector for contributions of discrete pieces of equipment, hardware or software, or the donation of time for technical support. Finally, although the entire plan needs to be updated regularly, the Funding and Budget component should be kept current so that at any given trine the district will know the next piece of equipment that it wants to purchase with the next dollar that comes into the district.

Technology offers many opportunities to improve learning. It has the potential to provide everyone in their own home and work setting access to knowledge and learning resources that were possible only in very large universities until recently. Technology has the potential to make everyone a producer of original knowledge and to share it with the world at very little cost.

Technology, through the use of web browsers, easy authoring languages, and connective multimedia, allows all people to be creative and powerful communicators.

However, if the tremendous potential of technology is to be optimized, educators and community members need to develop a comprehensive learning and technology plan long before technology equipment starts arriving. Most research studies on technology implementation show that much of the frustration with technology can be attributed to inadequate or non-existent planning. Adequate planning may be especially lacking in how technology is used to improve learning and how teachers receive professional development to help enhance student learning.